About us

WAC BV is a specialized breeder of roses for the cut flower industry. Once started as a cooperation between producer Wagagai from Uganda and the Dutch breeder Agriom from De Kwakel, this venture has grown to being a supplier of genetics for production areas all over the world. From the beginning of September 2021 United Selections set to represent WAC breeding in Africa and Europe.

At five different testing locations our varieties are presented. In Kenya the main location is situated at Wildfire Naivasha and recently openend up a second one at TimaFlor in Timau. In Ethiopia at Sher there is a location presenting a specific assortment. The same counts for Colombia (Unique Collection farms / Savanna de Bogotá) and Ecuador (Flowerfest / Cayambe). The different climatological circumstances have their effect on specific characteristics, very interesting to observe!

The proof is in the eating of the pudding! Do contact our local representatives to have a look at our varieties and to organise a test on your own location.


Trial sites

WAC has five test facilities, in Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia and Ecuador.

  • Kenya: Wildfire Farm, Naivasha (2.000 m altitude)
  • Kenya: TimaFlor, Timau
  • Ethiopia: Sher Ethiopia, Ziway
  • Colombia: Unique Collection Farms, Savanna de Bogotá (2.700 m altitude)
  • Ecuador: Flowerfest farms, Cayambe (2.800 m altitude)


AGENDA Agriflor Quito booth WAC BV-2


For general information and further details, questions and sales information please contact:

Africa Sales

Elvis Musyoka

e-mail: emusyoka@united-selections.com

Ethiopia sales

Peter Schrama

e-mail: pschrama@united-selections.com

Europe sales

Peter Schrama

 e-mail: pschrama@united-selections.com


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