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  • OPEN DAYS 2021 on March 23 and 24 AT WAC, NAIVASHA

March 2021 – WAC BV are having open days at the show/trialhouse at Wildfire Farms, Naivasha on Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th of March. This year, WAC presents Red Robin and several other interesting varieties.

”We have many interesting colours, new and old, and you can see many varieties that we feel would interest you in your selection, whether it be high altitude or low altitude”, says Richard McGonnel, WAC-sales manager.

On show is for instance Red Robin, a big red rose with very good production per m2 and a good vase life. And Red Robin has also some ‘family’ members with other colours like Happy Robin, Pink Robin (see picture) and Golden Robin. ”WAC offers varieties for all World markets!”, states Richard McGonnel.

The open days will be held at the WAC site in Naivasha on Wildfire Farm, Moi South Lake Road, opposite the entrance to Enashipai Hotel. Please feel welcome from 8 a.m. until 4.30 a.m. each day.

Please notice: During these covid times, masks should be worn for everyone’s safety.

Take a look in advance at our promising assortment on the website.

For more information contact Richard Mc Gonnell, tel: +254 722 810968